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fan sites - ecoko main

Moeru  Ecoice A Japanese only site!!
This site has lots of info on Ecoko, and it is where I translated some of mine from. It has info, scans of the official poster and pamphlet, news, and a very large amount of links. Be careful though, the links mix both adult and non-adult sites (though this site's contents are not H).

ecoko project

A Japanese only site!!
Has extended info on Ecoko, as well as a few drawings and alternate outfits.
A Japanese only site!!
ecoket - official home page for the event based on Ecoko, "ecoket"! Has some illustrations from the event as well as info on its times and locations. Of course, this event it only in Japan. This site is in both Japanese & English! :D
It contains some basic info on Ecoko, with some basic info & links.


English! :D (Japanese BBS)
Has an English translation of the pamphlet, as well as scans from it. The English is a little rough, but the info is good :D

Fan sites - some Ecoko contents

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE LOVELY MASCOTS IN A CORNER This mascot encyclopedia contains a page for Ecoice! (Japanese only) This is a web page to Fun Fun Factory, which is a very fun manga by the creator of Ecoko!! Find out about this comic, and read it too!!! :D
  more coming soon... underconstruction!!!!!!!!!

Official sites

Tohoku Electric Power - inventors of Ecoice, no Ecoko on their site though.

Kansai Electric Power's Ecoice - features the mascots who replaced Ecoko, 2 cg penguins "ecopenguin" pink & blue (still cute, but not AS cute ^_^)

Tora no Ana's Ecoko figure