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Re-use of fanart without permission is FORBIDDEN!!!!!

My art

Cute~ Probably my favorite of the ecoko pics I've done! Just her looking cute! Here is an alternate version with a background... I didn't like the way it looked as much >_< This one, and the next 2 were all originally drawn as doodles in my school assignment book ^o^
From above!! Ecoice with her 2 penguin friends as seen from above! I think that she looks so cute here ^o^ I'm not sure if this one is my favorite, or the one above. What do you think?
Whee My least favorite so far, due to the bad coloring.. Mabe someday I'll redo it since I love the pose!! Anyway, she's playing in the snow :D
Ecoko laying down NEW!! -- I tried a different CG style with this, so tell me what you think! I think it came out ok, the only real problem is that I did it in Photoshop, and so the colors look perfect in that program, but too dark in other ones T_T

Gif art:
These are various gifs I made from around this page, which don't animate.
This one is based on the image on the poster
The final battle >:D

Gift art

oekaki arts:


Cuute~ XD  Ecoko and message about my circle's online comic :D Happy easter from Ecoko!! I love it! XD


My first gift art!!  Cuteness~~

Please send in some gift art so it looks less lonely!!

I will take anything, the only requirements are:

- it is ecoko related (her dressed in other outfits/other charas dressed as her are ok!)
- You made it (not stolen from another site)
- not an "adults only" or "lolicon" or otherwise risque picture

Please mail all gift art to me!!! Put something about ecoko in the subject so I know what it is, and put what name you'd like to be called on this site.
For English language mails - For Japanese language mails

Or you can draw on the
oekaki BBS and I'll put it here :D