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Ecoko vs Dejiko

Perhaps the two most popular cute costumed mascot girls!! This page is to compare both, you can come to your own decision of who is better!! I think you can guess my decision ^_^;




Tohoku Electric Power Co, make airconditioners, ect

GAMERS: A popular anime/manga goods store in Akihabara

My Opinion:
Well... I have to say that I have never been a fan of an electirc company (^_^;) But, I've never been to GAMERS, and I think if I had to choose an Akiba anime shop it would be "manga no mori" because I like their creator and VS Lamune commercials :D But, GAMERS earns some extra points for having their ads in the PSX video game "Rival Schools" (Justice Gakuen). I love that game :D Look for the ads!! ^o^
I think that GAMERS probably focuses more on character goods of bishoujo characters, which can be nice, but I would like some varaiety :D ..Though Ecoko's company doesn't have ANY character goods.. ^_^;; Its a tough decision.


Called by many names, mostly fan given, taken from the name of her airconditioner, eco-ice. Digi charat - Mostly likely taken from GAMER's catch phrase as a "deji kyara" (digital character) shop. I suspect the "charat" is also made to resemble the "carrot" of the waitress dating game "pia carrot" which has outfits similar to dejiko's.

My Opinion:
Well, what's in a name? I don't think it effects the overall coolness very much, though it might be sort of a downer to think the nickname "ecoko" was based of the nickname "dejiko", but that the "charat" probably comes from a "galgame" is a bit of a downer for me personally ^_^


A simple cute dress, based on a penguin motif, with a bow to add a cute touch. The dress is puffy, and her scarf is a nice touch, with fluffy lining on the end, as well as on her dress. To me, it seems to be a combination of what was most popular among "otaku" type "gyaruge" fans. (galgame = dating games) A maid outfit base, with a catgirl motif added and loose socks like boots, of course very elaborate with lots of bows and frills.

My Opinion:
Honestly, they are both very cute :D But overall, I think Ecoko's is much more original, there are very many "neko mimi maid" girls drawn all the time, but I have only ever seen 1 other penguin girl. I think Ecoko's is also cute in being simple.
I think the face on both of their hats is a little "uncomfortable" looking ^_^; When I draw Ecoko, I try and make her penguin hat look a little happier ^o^ But I think Ecoko's is a little nicer looking, since it matches her pengiun friend's faces.

Look (besides outfit)

A cute young girl look with short brown hair framing her face. I think her face looks most similar to Sakura of Card Captor Sakura, although there are subtle differences (^_^;). She looks very young and happy! When I first saw her, I thought she was "Multi" from the computer dating game "To Heart", they really look very similar, I think her look must have been "inspired" by Multi. At the time Dejiko came out, there was only the games of To Heart - no TV series, but Multi was extremely popular among fans of galgame fans and on the internet.

My Opinion:
I would definately have to choose Ecoko's look over Dejiko's. When Dejiko came out, I was really tired of seeing so many To Heart CGs and cosplays everywhere, so I came to dislike Multi quite a bit (^_^). I just had a hard time understanding why so many girls would draw her CGs and cosplay her, even though she was only from a "love" video game, and the character Multi was just a robot without any real personalty, just following orders, which seems a little creepy ^_- (Please note this was before the TV series of To Heart!) Anyway, because of their similarity, when I first saw Dejiko I just thought she looked like a rip off of Multi, with outfit drawn from other places, though outfits like that are popular enough that it can't be called "ripping off" anymore, since they are used by so many ^_^
Anyway, Ecoko's look is once again simpler. I think the shape of her face is most similar to Sakura of Card Captor Sakura, but they are different enough that I didn't think of Sakura right away, because her eyes are blue and Sakura's are green, and also her hair is much different, Sakura doesn't have such simple hair ^_^


Well, really there's no way to know her personality, since she only has appeared in 2 pictures (^_^) But, from them she looks "genki" and on the poster she talks nicely about the eco-ice air conditioners. Other then that, she's a mystery (^_^) She has a very "wagamama", or "selfish" personality. She is very ambitious, proud, and rude. But most people will ignore these things because she's cute ^-^

My Opinion:
Normally, I like "wagamama" characters very much, even my original mascot character is named "wagamama musume" :D Dejiko's personality is the main factor that made me think she could be more then a wanna be of Multi, since when she was only a mascot without a show, she didn't have much personality. When I watched the show, I didn't like it very much, so I only watched one episode. Mainly, I was scared of the finger people, they freak me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @_@ @_@ @_@ Ha ha, but anyway, I think the idea of a wagamama idol character is a good one, in fact before Dejiko's creation I had though of my own gag character to battle "Multi".. "Waruchi"! Its a pun, since in Japanese Multi is written "Maruchi". Maru means "good" and "waru" means bad, so "waruchi" would be the evil version of "maruchi", and would throw mulch onto fanboys!!! ^o^ (.... I thought it was funny... ^_^;;) Still, I guess I would have to see more of the show to judge her better, I didn't take a particular liking to her so far.
Ekoco... She seems to be nice.. But she is an enigma...!! But, I think for mascot characters, in this case its not the main factor. For a mascot, cuteness is best :D


She is only seen with 2 very cute penguins on both the poster and the pamphlet. I would also like to say maybe she would be good friends with the characters of "Fun Fun Factory" (^o^) She has a large cast of supporting characters in her shows, though maybe due to her selfish personality they shouldn't be called "friends" ^_^ They include Rabi En Rose, Puchiko, and others, who also have outfits similar to those popular in otaku fandom such as bunny ears, anna miller's, seifuku, nekomimi... Closest to Ecoko's penguin friends is "gema" who is a big yellow thing (^_^). To me he looks like a flying lemon, he is sort of strange but cute in his own way (^_^). (For me I only like henna ikimono >:D)

My Opinion:
I think Ecoko's penguin friends are soo cute, and she looks so cute with them, and they go well with her style ^o^
I like the design of Dejiko's "rival", Rabi En Rose, very much, and Puchiko's look is cute as well.. I'm not a fan of most of the other characters though... And those *finger people* are sooooo scary!!!!!!!!! @_@


Watanabe Yoshimoto - I am not 100% sure that Watanabe is a girl, but I will just say "she" ^_^ She is a manga artist for comic LaLa who is recently become much more popular with her comic "Fun Fun Factory" about a girl who becomes cursed by eating a mysterious dessert in a resteraunt. She has to find cool guys who were also cursed, similar to Fushigi Yuugi but much cuter and not as sad ^_^ Koge Donbo - she is an OL who drew the character Dejiko for GAMERS logo. I'm not sure weather the idea was hers, or if she just was told how to draw the character. Anyway, she seems nice, she is a big fan of Harry Potter and runs her own fansite, as well as her own official site. She's the creator of other popular works, especially Pita-ten. Her characters usually have very elaborate outfits, and their cuteness is her main point of popularity.

My Opinion:
Koge Donbo seems very nice.. But, I am really more a fan of "Fun Fun Factory" then I am of "Pita-ten". Although I've never seen Pita-ten, the story seems similar to other things, and it doesn't intrest me very much, although I do like the designs very much. (I haven't seen Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar either ^_^;)
Fun Fun Factor is such a "fun" comic! Ha ha! Anyway, it is about a girl who eats a cursed dessert in a resturant called "fun fun factory" and has to find 10 boys who were also cursed by eating it, with the curses mostly being cute things, like having cakes fall on your head!! ^o^ I love sweets so much, so I love this comic :D

Well, you know me, I like Ecoko better ^_^