ecoice pure


Ah finally some good pictures~! Actually this is the fixed up version of the costume after Otakon, when I actually had a petticoat to wear with it ^_^ (Before I was loaning mine to a friend for her Chii costume!!)
Anyway, this is the first costume I ever made all by myself, so I am very proud of it!! I hope that you like it too!
Also if you have done an Ecoko cosplay yourself, please send it to me so I can put it up on this site!!

Snow photos:
Hello~ Trying a cute pose, haha Snow is fun~ Spin spin!! This is a pose like the offical poster! Let's fight! XO Ok let's fight! Ecoice PUNCH!! Its hard to point in mittens ^_^ Gather up some snow... ..and thow it! Wheee!!!! Run run! Bye bye see you another day~

Whee CG snow ^_^ And now more!

Mess up photos:
Where is my scarf?? Dorky face and scarf is behind me again!! What a dorky face!  And where is my scarf?? Thinking of what pose to do.. With my scarf behind me T_T