Here are my photos from Shoujocon 20002!!!!

My name is Mandi, I was dressed as SHUICHI
from Gravitation & for a short time Umi from
Katte ni Kaizou!!

Anyway it was a nice time and I was glad to
meet everyone there!!! : D If you would like to
contact me, my e-mail is and
my HP is Rakugaki Gokuraku!!! THANKS!!!



Funky pic of me as Shuichi puppy eating chocolates!!!
Group 1 Very nice!!
Group 2 They were cool!!
Group 3 He is nice!!
Group 4 They are extra nice!!!
K is going to shoot us!! AHH!!
Fighting over Yuki!!
The ultimate showdown -- K vs Vash???
Now K is going to shoot me too!!

Ahhh sorry Tatsumi & Hisoka!! My paw messed up your pic!!!
Puppy Tsuzuki & Hisoka awwwwwwwwwwwww
Me as puppy Shuichi with my friend as puppy Tsuzuki! PUPPIES!!!
Here is a different Tsuzuki!!!
Here is Watari with 003~~~!


2 very pretty Chiis! (Precious Chobits)
A very nice FF10 group!! They are nice!!
Genma!! Sign says Konnichiwa! (Ranma 1/2)
A cool ONIZUKA~~!!! He beat me and won the DDR contest good job!!!! (GTO!!)
Mizuki!! She was very cool, nice pants!!!!! (Hanazakari no Kimitachi he)
Here is the famous Iori with a hurt hand that everyone was in love with!! (King of Fighters)
AHHH!! Its me with THE PILLOWS!! What tight costumes!!!!!! (j-rock band "The Pillows")
Here they are again!! FOOL TOOL COOL!!! lol!!! Tool is Mizuki and she is nice!!! (Pillows again!!)
Here is Quatre & Trowa!!! (Gundam Wing)
Here they are, a little kinky???????? @_@ (Gundam Wing)
Here is the wonderful Saitou that everyone was in love with!!! (Rurouni Kenshin)
Its the adorable baby Yejin as Spinel Sun!!! (Card Captor Sakura)
Here she is again!! So cuuuuute!!!!!!! (CCSakura)
Subaru using magic powers!!!!!!! (Tokyo Babylon)


Marty eating choclates!!!